Look stunning with waxing at Anita’s Beauty Centre!

We provide waxing in the following areas:

  • Eyebrows Waxing :

By applying wax delicately, we give best shape to your eyebrows.

  • Upper Lip or Chin Waxing :

We get rid of the hair on your upper lip or chin.

  • Underarm Waxing :

You don’t have to have unsightly with hair under your arms. We make your underarms hairless so that you can enjoy your favourite sleeveless dress!

  • Bikini Line Waxing or Deep Bikini Line Waxing :

Whether you are going to the beach or to a local swimming pool, you should come to us for bikini line waxing.  You will experience much less pain due to the quality of the wax and the standard of our skills.

  • Arms or Legs Waxing (Full Arms, Half Arms, Full Legs, Half Legs :

Get smooth arms and legs with our arms and legs waxing.  You don’t have to hide them  anymore.  You can chose from half arms or legs, three-quarter arms or legs or full arms or legs waxed!

  • Intimate Waxing aka Brazilian or Hollywood Waxing :

Spice up your intimacy spiced up and impress your hubby or partner with our Brazilian or  Hollywood waxing!

Brazilian waxing keeps a stripe and Hollywood waxing takes every hair off!

  • We also do packages such as :

Full Arms and Under arms waxing

Half Arms and Under arms waxing

Full Legs and Bikini Line waxing

Call us on 01908 520600 to discuss your requirements.

We are often asked on why waxing should be done and what are its main benefits.

So here are 7 main benefits to go for waxing :

1) Waxing gives you lasting smooth and silky skin,

2) Waxing is safe to the skin,

3) Waxing gives you finer and softer body hair,

4) Waxing helps to exfoliate the skin,

5) Waxing diminishes hair growth,

6) Waxing is versatile and  

7)Waxing is cost efficient compare to other hair removal methods

Some frequently asked questions about Waxing

Is waxing painful?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, some find it slightly uncomfortable while others barely notice it. Through regular waxing treatments your hairs will become finer, and the sensation will improve with time, making the experience more comfortable. Relax and breath… anticipation will make the sensation of the treatment more painful, chat to your therapist if it is your first time, so she can put you at ease. Avoid too much caffeine as it can make your skin more sensitive to pain (go for a decaf instead) or even better if you stay well hydrated.

With waxing there is a little discomfort involved when the hairs are pulled from the root. All of our therapists are highly skilled and are quick and efficient while performing the treatments to ensure it is as comfortable as possible.

Is there a better time of day to do waxing?

If you are more sensitive to pain, we recommend avoiding  waxing treatment when you are unwell and just before having your menstrual cycle given that our skin will be more sensitive during those times.

What can I do to stop in growing hairs?

Body exfoliation aids hair removal and helps prevent/reduce ingrowing hairs, so you can prepare for your treatment by scrubbing. A day or two after your wax, begin exfoliating 2 to 3 times per week to achieve the best possible results. Do not forget to follow this by keeping your skin hydrated with a body moisturiser or lotion.

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Can I go in the sun after waxing?

After waxing your skin will be sensitive for at least 24hrs post-treatment, so avoiding too much heat is a must. Stay away from very hot baths, steam rooms and saunas and of course sunbathing. Staying out of a chlorinated pool is advisable as well.

What can I put on my skin after my waxing treatment?

Using a cool soothing gel is helpful. Stay comfortable after treatment and wear loose clothing and cotton underwear. This will help avoid sweating and enable the skin to breath better.

How often should I wax?

Depending on the area and the growth of your hair, waxing should be done around 2-5 weeks. Make sure the length of your hair is at about ¼ inch in length, if it is too short, the wax will struggle to grip the hair, but, if it’s too long, you’ll feel a tugging sensation. Therefore, maintaining consistency with your appointments is highly advised. Always ask your therapist for advice if you’re not sure.

Will I get a rash?

Irritation that flares in a form where the skin becomes pink and slightly rough, is another common reaction to waxing. This inflammation will go down within a day or two. Making use of calming gels such as aloe vera will help bring that down more rapidly.

PS.  Did you know that we offer virtually pain-free laser hair removal by world’s leading laser machine called Soprano?  Book a free laser consultation by calling 01908520600 or book online following ‘book online’ button on this page.


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