Eyelash Extensions for Stunning Lashes at Anita’s Beauty Centre!

Transform your look with Anita’s Beauty Centre’s exquisite Eyelash Extensions in Milton Keynes. We’re experts in creating stunning, long-lasting lashes tailored just for you.

  • Diverse Options for Every Style: Choose from our Full Set Eyelash Extensions, Individual Eyelashes, Eyelash Infills, or our unique LVL Lashes. Each designed to bring out the best in your eyes.
  • LVL Lashes – Natural Enhancement: Our LVL treatment, standing for Length, Volume, and Lift, is crafted to amplify your natural lashes, offering an illusion of length and fullness without extensions. This treatment, lasting up to 6 weeks, includes a tint for extra depth and requires minimal aftercare.
  • Eyelash Extensions – Personalised Beauty: Opt for our individual lash extensions for a subtle length enhancement or go bold with our Russian volume lashes for a fuller, dramatic look. Regular infills every 2-3 weeks keep your lashes perfect, and we ensure they’re safe for your natural lashes.

At Anita’s Beauty Centre, we’re committed to giving you the ultimate eyelash experience, combining professional techniques with high-quality materials for results that truly stand out​


How long does LVL lashes last?

LVL can last up to 6 weeks.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment time is 60 minutes.

Will it extend the length of my lashes?

No. LVL lifts your natural lashes and there are no extensions applied during the treatment.

Does it include a lash tint?

Yes at the end of the treatment a black or blue black tint is applied.

Does it damage my natural lashes?

As long as you follow our treatment advice of only having the treatment done every 4 weeks the treatment will not damage your lashes.

What aftercare advice do I have to follow after the treatment?

After the treatment we advise leaving the lashes alone for 24 hours in order to get the best results. After this mascara and other products can be applied without affecting the lift.

Lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are individual lashes bonded one by one to your natural eyelashes. They feel and look completely natural and are available in various lengths, thicknesses and curls to create your desired look. A patch test is required 24 hours prior to treatment. 

What’s the difference between individual and Russian volume lashes?

Individual lash extensions is 1 lash extension on 1 of your natural lashes. It is a natural look that only enhances the length not the volume.

Russian volume lashes use multiple lashes fanned out on 1 of your natural lashes to create a fuller look.

When will I need lash infills?

We recommend coming back every 2-3 weeks.

Will the lashes weaken my natural lashes?

As long as you do not pull the extensions out there should be no damage to your natural lashes. 


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Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash Extensions

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