Beauty Massage / Indian Head Massage / Hot Stone Massage

Our massage treatments aim to relax, revive and heal tired and aching muscles. At Anitas we offer Swedish massage which uses a light to firm pressure to relieve tension and Hot Stone massage which has the additional benefit of heat to relax the muscles. 

We have a wide range of relaxing massage treatments in the following areas for you:

Indian Head Massage  :  A traditional Indian Head Massage is so relaxing that recently it was informally advised by a GP to his patient.  It gives you a calm head and reduces the effects of migraines.  It’s also good for the health of your hair.

Swedish Massage: Choose from either Neck , Shoulder , Back or Full Body Massage for a complete relaxation.

Hotstone  Massage:  Choose from either Neck, Shoulder,  Back or Full Body Massage for a complete relaxation with hot stones.  The hot stones calm body and the massage soothes it.

Reflexology- Reflexology is a foot based pressure point treatment that aims to treat the whole body holistically through the feet. 

Reiki- an ancient Japanese form of energy healing aiming to promote stress reduction, relaxation and healing within the mind and body.

Indian Head Massage- A deeply relaxing treatment using massage and acupressure techniques focusing on the head, shoulders and face.

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Frequently asked questions for massage treatments :

What massage is best for me?

This will depend on what kind of experience you would like. For someone wanting to work on the muscles for aches and pains a deeper pressure swedish massage may be better. For someone purely wanting to relax, a hot stone massage is very soothing. If you are unsure one of our therapists will be able to talk you through the options.

I’ve never had a massage before, what should I expect?

It’s completely normal to be a little nervous before receiving a new treatment especially one where clothing will need to be removed. Upon arrival your therapist will take you through to the treatment room for a consultation where the treatment will be explained and the therapist will find out a little about your areas of tension. The therapist will leave the room for you to undress and get under the towels on the couch. Only the body part being massaged will be uncovered during the treatment, therefore at no point will you feel too exposed and you can fully relax into the treatment. After the treatment the therapist will once again leave the room for you to get dressed before going through some aftercare advice. 

What holistic treatment is best for me?

This will depend on your concerns and how you would like to feel after the treatment. For muscular tension we recommend a massage. If you love your feet massaged reflexology is the one for you, if you’re looking for something a little different and a more spiritual experience Reiki is fabulous. And Indian head massage is amazing for anyone suffering with tension headaches or if you just adore a scalp massage.