Q. Is there a minimum contract?
Ans: No there is no contract.

Q. How will I get my gift vouchers?
Ans: You will receive your gift vouchers by e-mail. You will receive first welcome gift voucher after 1st payment is taken by DD and thereafter you will receive each gift voucher on anniversary of your VIP club subscription.

Q. What happens if I decide to stop the direct debit?
Ans: We’ll stop topping up your account balance and you will stop receiving other benefits from the VIP membership.

Q. Can I re-subscribe?
Ans: Yes, you can but your membership anniversary will start from the day of re-joining.

Q. What happens to my account balance if I stop membership?
Ans: Your account balance will stay in the system for you to use.

Q. Can I withdraw my account balance as cash or credit card refund or refund to my bank account?
Ans: No. You can get a gift voucher of the balance account if you want to stop being VIP member.

Q. Which day of the month my DD will be charged?
Ans: Your DD payment will be taken on 1st of the next month and on 1st of every month, if you sign up before 25th of the month. If you want it to be a different day then please talk to the managers of the salon instead of signing up using online.

Q. Which company do you use to collect Direct Debit?
Ans: We use reputed company called GoCardless to collect direct debit.

Q.Will I get any VIP card?
Ans: We are in process of getting VIP cards and we’ll let you know once we start distributing them.

Q. Is it safe to sign direct debit with GoCardless?
Ans: GoCardless is FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated and uses military grade encryption. Please see their website for details by clicking here.