Targets and performance memo 6-Feb-2020

Dear all
As you would know, we have started tracking targets achieved as part of monitoring performance closely and I am NOT happy with the figures recently.

With high salaries, pensions, increased costs and expenses, we are struggling with the cash flow for some time now and this is unacceptable.

All must achieve the targets and give 100%.

Henceforth, complacence performance and behaviour WILL NOT be accepted.

I would like to remind you that the targets that we agreed are:

a) Rebooking 4 out 5 (i.e. 80% however for commission, minimum rebooking target is 60%).

b) Selling min. of 1 retail product a day

c) Booking of 1 patch test a day

d) Booking 1 machine consultation a day

e) Revenue target per day for non-nail tech therapist is £280, nail tech therapist is £245 (this lowered targets and will be reviewed. It doesn’t include course sold as its tracked separately).

It is your responsibility to fill up your diary. We cannot bring the new clients all the times.

In addition to above, I expect that at least ONE machine (CACI/Laser) course is sold from a branch per day irrespective of having offer or not.

You must include variety of services we offer and machine treatments in your 50:50 talk with the clients.

Though I’m in talks with Liz (the trainer) for training to all, meanwhile, speak to your managers on what you need to do to achieve your targets.

The rebooking and sales process with the client starts in the room or at the nail table, that is prior to coming to the reception desk.

You must see your next day’s diary and make notes on what could be offered to the client (cross treatments, up sell and retail sales) etc and seek manager’s help.

All managers are responsible and accountable to the performance of their respective branches.

We must see improved figures from this month onwards.

Best regards,

Raj Deokar
Anita’s Beauty Centre
“Helping you look good”

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