Look radiant with Beauty Facials at Anita’s Beauty Centre!

In our stunning beauty salon environment at Anita’s Beauty Centre in Milton Keynes, we provide the following facials.  All are performed to a very high standard using the best products on the market.

What is a facial?

A facial is a bespoke treatment for each client that consists of a cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, and a mask. This is a Spa therapy for your face that leaves your skin cleaner, softer and with a radiant glow.

How often should I have a facial?

The recommended frequency of facial treatment should be every 4-6 weeks depending to your needs. Your therapist would be able to advise you on what is most suitable for your skin.

What are the benefits of a Facial?

  • Deep cleaning.

A professional facial will give your skin a deep cleanse of the pores and will exfoliate dead skin cells away leaving your skin radiant and bright.

Facials done on a regular basis help skin regain is glow and accelerate new skin cell regeneration. Facials are the key factor for helping the skin improve its texture, leaving it healthy and bright and younger.

  • Improves circulation

A facial massage not only feels magical but leaves the skin glowing as it improves the blood circulation providing oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

  • Reduces stress.

A facial massage helps activate the nervous system by pressure point massage which in turn when done on a regular basis will lift your mood, relieves stress, and anxiety.

  • Blackheads/Whiteheads

Stubborn blackheads or whiteheads can be easily extracted with a gentle steam to aid the removal, leaving the skin brighter, fresher, and cleaner.

  • Eye bags.

The skin is very sensitive in this area and needs to be treated with specific massage and creams that improve dark circles and puffy eyes. Doing so on a regular basis will provide noticeable changes.

  • Improves skin type.

Whether your skin is oily, greasy, dry, or dehydrated, having a regular facial improves its texture and balances out the skins needs.

Treatments that we provide are:

  • Face Cleansing.

We offer cleansing to give your face a freshness and instant cleanliness in a short period.

  • Dermalogica Prescription Facial :

Using the premium brand products and facials methods of Dermalogica, this facial will give you a fresher clean face and a relaxing experience.

You will get a FREE Face Mapping®  with your Dermalogica facial to enable us to use accurate products for your facial areas.

  • Dermalogica Mini Facial :

If you are not sure about using a Dermalogica Prescription Facial then as a tester, we offer you a Dermalogica mini-facial to appreciate the brilliant-looking results from Dermalogica products.

What products do you use?

At all Anitas branches we use Dermalogica products in our facial treatments.

What facial is best for my skin?

When you book a facial with one of our therapists we will assess your skin on the day and choose the correct products for you. No more worrying if you’ve booked the right facial!

What should I expect in a typical facial treatment?

Our 60 minute facials are a multistep treatment which includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation, steaming the skin before extraction of blackheads, a relaxing facial massage finished with a face mask and scalp massage. All products are carefully selected to suit your individual skin needs.

Pro power peel

Dermalogica’s strongest and fastest peel yet! The pro power peel uses salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids to target fine lines, breakouts and hyperpigmentation and can be fully customised for your individual skin needs. 

Dermalogica peels are safe, effective and performed by a trained professional. A 24 hour patch test is required before treatment.

How many peels will I need?

Your skin care expert will assess your skin prior to starting your treatment. Depending on your skin needs a course of 3-6 treatments may be recommended. A treatment once a month as maintenance is recommended after your course is complete.

What are the benefits of Pro Power Peel?

The treatment targets fine lines, hyperpigmentation, breakouts and dull dry skin conditions.

What does the treatment feel like?

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin you may feel a mild to moderate tingling sensation during the treatment. As your skin becomes accustomed to the peels we can add extra layers of peel to increase the strength of the treatment, always checking with you that the products still feel at an acceptable level of tingling.

We also offer CACI non-surgical facials to give you a younger looking skin. There are over 50 treatments to choose from right from fingers to tummy to your face.  Give us a call on 01908 520600 to arrange a FREE consultation.

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. It’s a microcurrent machine that transmits electrical signals through the skin and works to improve skin tone and firmness, regenerates skin tissue and helps to repair collagen. CACI international has paved the way in anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and problematic skin solutions for over two decades and is a firm favourite with clients at Anitas!

CACI non-invasive non-surgical facial, that delivers visible results lifting and toning facial muscles. It improves skin elasticity and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving you a fresh younger looking and glowing skin.

It uses microcurrent that transmits the tiniest electrical signals through the skin, it works to boost skin texture, tone and shape.

The extra bits to know about CACI

  • CACI facial is painless
  • Before your first CACI you’ll complete a form about your health issues and you’ll chat through the process with your therapist-that’s called a consultation
  • You’ll be advised on the aftercare, to keep that fresh-faced feeling lasting longer

Some Frequently Asked Questions :

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent therapy delivers tiny electrical impulses that mirror the body’s own natural bioelectrical field. Microcurrent stimulation helps to re-educate the muscles and can lift, firm and tone. Microcurrent in aesthetics is commonly described as “facial toning” or “non-surgical face lifting” due to the dramatic lifting effect that it has on facial muscles and contours.


Is Microcurrent safe?

Yes. Microcurrent therapy was originally developed as a medical application to treat facial palsy and restore muscle tone by applying tiny microcurrent impulses to the affected muscles. Today this proven technology is now available in thousands of aesthetic clinics worldwide as a painless cosmetic treatment.

How many treatments should I have?

Although a remarkable difference is seen after the first treatment, the benefits of microcurrent are cumulative and typically a course of 10-15 treatments will be required for optimum results.

What happens if I stop treatments?

It’s just like going to the gym for a body workout. If you stop, the results will gradually diminish and your facial muscles may eventually return to how they were before treatments commenced.


What happens when i finish my course?

After the course of facials a monthly facial is required to maintain the results.

What happens if I stop my treatments?

Just like going to the gym for a body workout if you stop the treatments the muscles may eventually return to how they were before the course started. If you go more than 3 months without treatment it is recommended that your course be restarted from scratch. 

What is microcurrent?

Microcurrent therapy delivers tiny electrical impulses that mirror the body’s own natural bioelectrical field. Microcurrent stimulation helps to re-educate the muscles and can lift, firm and tone the skin. 

Is microcurrent safe?

Yes! Microcurrent was originally developed to treat conditions such as facial palsy and restore muscle tone by applying the microcurrent impulses to the affected muscles. Today the treatment is used worldwide as a painless cosmetic treatment. 

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a highly effective and safe way of manual exfoliation where the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair is removed leaving your skin feeling amazingly smooth and looking fabulous!

How does it work?

A sterile blade is used to gently glide over the skin’s surface removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz hair.

What are the benefits?

The physical exfoliation of dead skin cells along with the removal of fine hairs results in smoother, healthier and brighter skin.

Will the hair grow back darker or thicker?

No, vellus hairs will not grow back thicker or darker after treatment.

PS. We do stock beauty products from these brands so if you need any, just ask when you see us next time

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