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30 cool things that I bought Tesla for :

  1. Retractible door handles automatically as you approach or leave car
  2. Automatic locking and unlocking of the car with the key in  pocket
  3. No-engine at the front. It’s replaced with a front boot (called frunk for front trunk)
  4. It’s a pure electric car so inexpensive to run compare to same size ICE car (it costs at least 1/5th less than a comparable car)
  5. Long range in a single charge (this one has almost 300 miles of NEDC range. New European Driving Cycle(NEDC)
  6. Quick 0-60 miles jaw dropping linear acceleration (this goes 0-60 miles in got just over 5 secs)
  7. Auto park – parallel or perpendicular parking is automatic
  8. Auto pilot with steering control and auto overtake
  9. Traffic aware cruise control (TACC) that maintains a safe distance with the vehicle ahead automatically
  10. Height adjustment with air suspension with memory so next time car adjusts height at the specific location automatically
  11. Free high way charging at growing network of superchargers throughout Europe
  12. A Massive 17″ screen that acts as a sat nav and car controller
  13. Smart phone app to see whereabouts of the car or operate some functions of the car like remotely flashing lights or honking horn
  14. Summon the car without being in the car
  15. Heat or cool the car in advance remotely using smart phone app
  16. Charge the car at the home and never go the petrol station
  17. Massive rear boot (and more space in frunk)
  18. No engine service or maintenance required. Low brake wear due to regenerative one pedal driving
  19. Exempt from road tax and London congestion charge
  20. A low 5% BIK for company users
  21. HEPA filter for air con with bio defence mode
  22. Adaptive LED headlights that turn with turn of steering wheel
  23. Adjustable Panoramic sun roof with touch screen controls
  24. Super quiet cabin due no engine noise
  25. One of the safest cars in its class. Front boot with no engine acts as a huge crumple zone
  26. There is no start button to start the car
  27. The car key is in the shape of the car
  28. Car’s software is updated via air to keep the car up to date via built in 4G SIM card
  29. 17″ screen can also be used as a full fledged web browser
  30. The car has a Spotify premium account built in to listen music on the go